Tuesday Tutorial: Paper Garland

Paper Garlands are popping up everywhere! Here's a quick and easy tutorial for making your own!

The ingredients are simple:
1) 2 inch paper punch
2) Map or other paper
3) Glue Stick
4) Baker's Twine (about 2 yards)

Punch out several circles. I used 7 per sphere. For a garland that is 2 yards long, you'll need 10-12 spheres depending on your spacing.

Fold the circles in half with the patterned side facing inward.

Glue seven circles back to back into a stack.

Insert the twine into the middle of the folded spheres, then glue closed. For the first sphere, leave about two inches of twine on the left to create a tail, then space the remaining spheres about 2 inches apart, leaving about 2 inches on the other end for a tail.

Hang the garland and enjoy your creation!

This project is so versatile, and is perfect for kids! Garlands make a fun accent for your creative space, for a kid's room, or as a party decoration.  Simply vary the paper choices, use any size circle, or choose a different base for the garland, like ribbon, jute, or even fabric to make it uniquely your own! Upcycle those old atlases, brochures, junk mail, and newspapers for an eco friendly project. The possibilities are endless!


  1. Great tutorial! Love the pics - made it very clear! Don't know if I would be willing to punch out such a great map! Good thing you have more, huh?

  2. Thanks Michelle! I LOVE this map, but it was a bit folded, spindled, and mutilated when I found it! Perfect for punching!

  3. Cute garland and cute blog. I signed up to follow you. Can't wait to see what else you come up with.



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