Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Findings: Pink Fridge!

They're becoming a bit of an fridges that is! We hit the road last Saturday for our first springtime junk jaunt and headed straight for Springfield, TN . I was overjoyed to find the larger pink fridge pictured on the left at my favorite antique store there. It's a perfect companion to the petite pink fridge I found there on my last visit! The weather was gorgeous, the Bradford Pears were dressed in their finest blooms, and we were ready for adventure!

Our first stop was Burdett's Tea Shop, a favorite lunch destination. Megan and I shared shared a scrumptious tea for two, while Randy sipped his cuppa like a proper lady gentleman! {I made him let me take this picture! What a sweet husband!} In the meantime, I was so excited about the adorable little sandwiches that I forgot to snap a picture before devouring them! Hence the pile of crumbs on the second tier. Why does food on a 3-tiered tray taste so much better? I don't just does.
After a delicious lunch and copious amounts of tea, we headed for one of our favorite antique stores, the Springfield Antique Barn. I never leave this treasure trove empty handed and this day was no exception! I found the pink fridge I've already gushed over...

... a dishy pile of vintage game markers...

...a grungy spool of pale aqua thread, and a vintage tart tin. Bliss! A day well spent!

p.s. I linked this post to Vintage Inspiration Friday #30 over at Common Ground. I was link #102 and counting, so be sure to visit this gorgeous blog for tons of fabulous vintage vavoom!
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  1. looks like you had a fun time! wish we had a tea house around here!

  2. Me too Roni! I know you share my love of the three tiered tray!

  3. love the pink fridge's! what luck to find two (even if one was a mini) in the same antique store!!

  4. You made out like a bandit!
    What a sweet hubby you have (love the pinkie

  5. Cute!! :)

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

  6. I would LOVE to have a pink fridge! I really like the look of those game pieces, and I can picture a big bowl of them on my coffee table. Another thing to add to my long list of must-haves!
    Happy Pink Saturday,

  7. I would most likely kill to get a fridge like that! Well, maybe not kill but at least maim. ;) It is so beautiful! Love your entire blog. It is fantastic. I am your latest follower and have added you to my reader.

  8. Great finds! I especially love the game pieces. Brings back memories.