Monday, October 25, 2010

For the Love of Pink

I love pink! If someone asks me to name my favorite color, pink is invariably the answer. Robin's Egg Blue runs a very close second, but pink reigns supreme!

What prompted this ode to pink? It's this adorable little pink fridge I found on my latest foray to the Springfield Antique Barn!

Here's the so-cute-I can-hardly-stand-it interior of the fridge.

I collect pink buttons.

Pink clocks.

Pink Bowls

I love my kitschy pink ice bucket

And I dream of owning a pink typewriter just like this one.

Pink is the color of the sky in my world!


  1. Love that pink. Love the fridge.

  2. PINK may not be my favorite color but you make a great argument why PINK is your favorite color! Maybe you are starting to sway me -

  3. I love pink too. My fav color is purple with pink coming in second.

  4. i love your pink clock! that is a cool one! reminds me of the clock we bought at fossil, very retro.

  5. Lily would love you!! She can spot pink a mile away and if you give her a choice of something she will always pick the pink one out first or a color closet to pink.

  6. I love pink too!!! And robin's egg is also at the top of my list!! :) Super cute finds- you're even having an effect on Michelle!!!!! :D