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Summer school is in session at my house this month! I have to admit I'm a bit of an online workshop junkie. Who could resist watching videos about making arts and crafts while lounging on the couch in pajamas? Not me! I thought it would be fun to share some of the classes I'm taking right now, and hopefully inspire you to treat yourself to a fun learning experience this summer.

The first class on my schedule, SEWN, is all about painting colorful patterns on paper, cutting them up, and stitching them back together in a zany, eclectic, handmade book. The teacher is the amazing Mary Ann Moss of Dispatch from LA. I've taken every single one of Mary Ann's classes, and I watch them over and over again. If you love making books by hand, these are the classes for you! My classmates and I have been pinning patterns like crazy for inspiration. Here's my Patterns Pinterest board for this class. Love all that colorful paint and paper!

I've been smitten with Andrea Singarella's Everyday Beauty blog for a long time now, so I was thrilled when she announced her Vintage Trinket Jewelry e-course on the Jeanne Oliver Creative Network. Andrea's jewelry is pure eye candy, and I love the beautiful pastels and the vintage findings she uses. This course is an unbelievable $10 and I can't recommend it enough. It's perfect for beginners and seasoned jewelry makers alike. I am so excited to have a use for all those bits and baubles I've collected on my junking jaunts.

I loved this inspiring course by Jennifer O'Brien of City Farmhouse! It's another $10 course available on the Jeanne Oliver Creative Network. This summer series of courses is so affordable and packed with tons of wonderful ideas. I'm ready to put a weathered finish on everything in my home!

Photography is a passion of mine, so of course I had to take The Art of Seeing e-course with Cathy Walters, also part of the Jeanne Oliver Creative Network. Cathy is an accomplished photographer, and she generously shared many of her trade secrets and the resources she turns to for her own personal photos.

The last class I want to share with you is one that's very special to me: Nature Journaling with Roxanne Evans Stout of River Garden Studio. This lovely workshop manages to combine all my favorite artful activities in one inspiring and beautiful package! Collage, painting, writing, observing nature, making a handmade book, photography: it's all included in this thoughtful and lovely workshop.

I have to share a secret with you: I don't always get all the projects done when I take these classes, but I learn so much from them and it's such a pleasure to watch the videos! The class forums are filled with kindred spirits, seeking to learn and to share their artful adventures, and I've discovered so many new techniques, ideas, and resources via these online workshops. If you give one a try, I'll bet you'll love it too!


  1. Great job on this post, Kim! I love online classes too - that way I can learn from my favorite teachers without the expense of travel. Long live the Internet!!

  2. Kim! This is the first time I have sat down just to look at blogs, and yours is the first I am visiting this late and very smokey afternoon. Thank you so much for mentioning my workshop. I just love what you said about it, and the top photograph you took for the flower segment. I can't wait to see more... when you have time of course! All your online workshops sound fantastic!!


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