Ribbon Bound Travel Journal

Yard sales, summer, and road trips are a perfect mix! Earlier this month, I hit the road along with my daughter and my aunt on a freewheeling jaunt across Kentucky. We were following the trail of the annual 400 mile yard sale that spanned the entire state. We had a wonderful time and found lots of treasures we just had to bring back home! I posted a tutorial for this easy to make journal on the May Arts blog last week. Click here to visit the blog, or here for a printable PDF of the tutorial.

Just a few simple supplies were all I needed to fill up the pages of my journal! I used paper tape from 7 Gypsies, Happy Tape, a few shipping tags, and my favorite jounaling pen - a Permaball Pilot Pen.

Shipping tags are the ideal journaling spot. They fit perfectly in the library pockets included throughout the book, and keep your thoughts {and handwriting} under wraps yet easily accessible.

Happy Tape {a.k.a. washi tape} is so versatile. I used it along with the 7 Gypsies paper tape to add business cards and vellum envelopes for receipts...

as journaling strips...

and to create a little accordion book out of some photos!

Creating this fun little accordion book couldn't be easier! Just print out some wallet size photos and use paper tape to bind the edges together. You could easily substitute clear packing tape or even regular masking tape. Add as many photos as you wish.

We took a little side trip to Glendale, KY on the last day of our trip. Bennie's Barn is home to one of the best antique booths I've ever seen - Time Worn Interiors! Unbeknownst to me, I even met the talented designer behind the magic: Theresa! She had just rearranged the booth and posted pictures of it on her blog. Her displays are simply gorgeous!
Next time I'll post some of the treasures we found on our journey. Until then, enjoy the summer!


  1. I think your journal is amazing and I LOVE how you made the accordian out of photos!! HAVE to try that!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love this journal! It looks like your jaunt across the state was a lot of fun and what a FABULOUS way to document it. It is beautiful and very inspiring. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. What a great journal, and on a topic of keen interest to me too. One day I will visit the 400 mile yard sale. Thanks for sharing. Love it!


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