Tuesday, December 20, 2011

French Grammar Coptic Sketchbook

On a recent whirlwind excursion to Glendale, KY, I discovered a dusty bookcase lined with french grammars and textbooks! I loved the cobalt blue covers, so I scooped up several and brought them home to be upcycled into handmade journals.

I removed the inner pages, and filled this journal with sketch paper as a gift for my daughter. She loves to draw and make lists, so this will be a fun book for her to tuck in her messenger bag and grab when she's ready to make art on the go!

I used a coptic binding stitch for this sketchbook, so it will lay flat and stay open. A bit of washi tape over some black cardstock provides a finished edge for the tattered covers.

I like to put pretty endpapers inside my handmade journals, but I was so charmed by the bookplate and scribbled notes on the inside of this book that I decided to leave it as is. Coptic binding is a bit tricky until you get the hang of it! I watched many videos, and read many books, and this video was extremly helpful. Are you as obsessed with bookmaking as I am? If so, I would love to see your creations!


  1. such a great idea with the special binding, so that it lays flat! i also love your washi tape over the rough edges.
    they look great!

  2. KIM - This is so cool! I'll bet Megan loves it!! The Washi tape is such a great touch - I love the end paper too!

  3. Do you have other French texts that you've made into journals? I might be a customer for you!

  4. Thanks for your interest Timeless Treasures! I have 6 more French Grammar journals available. I will send you and email with more details.

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