Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dreaming of Paris

A weekend in Paris...that's how we celebrated our 28th anniversary last weekend. Okay, not really. But we did spend a wonderful weekend in Columbus, OH learning how to create these dreamy soldered shadow box pendants! Randy and I both love soldering, so when I found about this class at European Papers, we decided to make the class and a weekend excursion to the fair city of Columbus our gift to each other. This is the second workshop we've taken from the amazing instructor Paula Hardesty, and it was worth the trip!
Here's Randy laughing it up with our classmates. He's usually the only guy at these events, but he loves it!

And here we are together! Do we look a little alike after 28 years? Only my hairdresser knows what's under that all that hair color!

Here's my shadow box pendant filled with vintage glass glitter and one of my favorite icons: the Eifell Tower. And it's pink! What more do you need?

This is Randy's shadow box. He had to get fancy and add the decorative dots! But I chose the image of course! How else do you think we've stayed married all these years? Our actual anniversary is Thursday, September 30th, but I just want to say happy anniversary to my sweet husband and thanks to him for being my best friend!


  1. Happy Anniversary!!
    i SO want to do a soldering workshop! so glad you both had a fun time.

  2. I'd love to take a class on this. I live near COlumbus. COuld you send me information. I would so appreciate it. Happy

  3. Sorry, I didn't see the link. I went to it and signed up for their newsletter. Love what you made.

  4. Those are great pendants!!! I'm still a novice- so I'm very impressed with Randy's fancy dots! :) LOVE the glass in yours- and the PINK!
    Happy Anniversary!! :)

  5. I KNOW you had a wonderful time! Why didn't you take me on your anniversary trip? I want to take another soldering class with you two!!

  6. How special that you and your husband took this class together. My husband is very supportive of my crafting but I know he would draw the line in taking a class with me. Well, maybe if I begged him. :)

  7. Happy {belated} Anniversary! What a lovely way to spend time together!