Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gluebook challenge: Size in Composition

Today's lesson included a challenge: create a balanced collage using only 3 elements on the page, a background and 2 additional pieces. The key to creating a pleasing composition is the size of the elements in relation to each other. I decided to use the same background on each page, sheets from a crumbling-to-bits music book. These sheets are very delicate and tear easily, so I discovered that it worked better to put the gluestick on the notebook page and then gently press the music sheet onto that. We weren't supposed to focus on color, but I wanted to do one page with a very monochromatic palette, and one with a vivid pop of color, to see how that changed the exercise. I started with a much smaller version of the thoughtful lady on the right, but she was quickly lost in a sea of music! The larger image was a much better fit. I LOVE the bright colors in the image on the left, so I wanted to use it in its entirety. I printed out several copies of this image, and I originally cut out a strip of the brightly colored rug to use as a border across the top of the page.That proved to be a bit too much! So I used a strip of the music paper instead. I'm happy with the results, but I know as I learn more from my class, I'll probably wish I had made different choices! But I'm enjoying the journey!


  1. Hello Kim! It's me Sonya! I've been going to all of the awesome web sites and I'm lovin the gluebook. Since I'm not doing the Stampin' Up! thing anymore I've decided to do a gluebook with the photos from my workshops and use the logos from the packaging that I keep throwing away from the adhesive, embellishments and scraps from making cards. I hope to have a little history book of my five years experience being a demonstrator. You are so inspirational to me. I will take photos of my book and share when I get it done! Love ya! And I miss Serendipity - keep blogging so I can keep up with you! I will check back so please share your class instructions with me....and everybody else...hee...hee!

  2. Hi Sonya! I am having so much fun with the vintage gluebook! I think your idea sounds really great, and now I want to do one for Serendipity! I would love to see your photos when your book is done.
    I'm only sharing a tiny glimpse of the gluebook class, and then my own personal experiments in collage! The class is phenomenal and packed with information. It's well worth the registration fee!
    I miss seeing you and all our other great Serendipity friends too. Nice to hear from you! Keep in touch!

  3. Kim, I joined that class after we talked and it is really interesting. Love what you have done so far. I'm a bit behind due to some other commitments but hope to catch up this weekend (or maybe not).