Friday, February 21, 2014

Junque Bloom Tutorial

Junque Blooms are the perfect solution for all those tottering piles of paper threatening to bury your creative space in avalanche of creative chaos! Paper seems to mysteriously multiply, so it's always fun to have a way to use up all those extras. 

I shared a quick and easy tutorial for Junque Blooms on the Altered Arts Magazine Blog today. You can visit here for all the instructions. This method is my favorite way to make flowers, because it requires very few materials and it's so quick and easy!

When I'm finished with a project, I love to use all those tiny snippets of paper that are leftover to create collage backgrounds. With just a UHU glue stick, a brayer, and a sturdy background like card stock or watercolor paper, I can flex my creative muscles and recycle at the same time!

1 comment:

  1. You know I love your Blooms! I always call my space "Creative Chaos"! Sounds more fun like that, don't you think?
    Your backgrounds look like the beginning of something awesome!! I love using all the cardboard that is put in envelopes, or on the back of a paper pad, to start mine!