Monday, June 17, 2013

{Monday Moods} Sea of Words


Seawashed blues, silver stars, old books, a page from an atlas, and even my new coasters from Anthropologie found their way in to the Sea of Words vignette I created for my very first Monday Moods post at SerendipityVintage Studio. A mood board is a wonderful to begin a project or to record the elements that inspired a particular piece of art. A mood board doesn't have to hang on the wall. It can simply be a curated collection of items like the ones shown above.

I'm working on a mixed-media collage painting this week titled Sea of Words, and these glittery silver stars will play a role in a spangled nighttime sky. The larger star is a vintage cookie cutter, and I'm envisioning filling in the outline it will create with larger-than-life silver-leafed stars. But you never know what will happen on the journey to a finished painting!

Here's a glimpse of the first layer of the painting. I used pages from a book about sailing and an old typing textbook. I layered on cheesecloth to create texture and movement for the waves. The canvas is 16 X 20 which is the largest painting I've ever attempted! The process is sheer experimental bliss as I sail along trying new techniques and fusing together my favorite vintage and new elements.

I'll share new layers as I go along as well more projects inspired by this week's mood board. In the meantime: make art, be happy!


  1. Very cool!! Love the idea of a collection of curated items as a mood board. BTW - I have one of those Anthropologie coasters too - mine is green.

  2. I love the colors together, even before you begin. Have fun "sailing". I will watch from the edge.

    1. Thanks Dolly! The painting went in a completely different direction, but was so much fun!