Friday, June 21, 2013

{Library Card Collage № 1} Getting Underway

Serendipity led me to create a colorful collage on a library card this morning! It all started with my customary visit to Pigment of My Imagination, the blog of my dear friend and very talented artist Michelle Mathey. 

I noticed that Michelle had linked her gorgeous Hot Pink & Orange creation to the Paint Party Friday site. Michelle is my artsy-partner-in-crime and paints the most beautiful girls with the funniest quotes and amazing backgrounds! Since I just finished a painting myself, Summer Moonset, I decided to pop over and join the festivities. Thanks Michelle!

And what a party indeed! I was delighted to spot the link of one of my favorite mixed-media map artists, and blogging friends, Mary C. Nasser! Mary's work is simply beautiful and I look forward to her New Work Wednesday post every week. In addition, Mary features a new map artist every Friday, and she has opened my eyes to a whole new world of map-inspired loveliness that I never even knew existed. Thanks Mary!

The Paint Party proved to be a lively place filled with art-loving party guests who shared their latest painterly creations. I decided to visit some of the links and leave comments which led me down a primrose-strewn path of loveliness to the color-drenched blog of illustrator and designer Diana Evans

It was here that i discovered Diana's 10 Minute Warm Up Challenge! Everything fell into place from that point. I shut the lid on my laptop and made a beeline for my studio where I found a pile of library cards, a book page from my Sea of Words mood board, Teal Color Shine from the Summer Moonset Painting, a silver pen, a sailboat stamp I bought on a whim at Michael's, and some gorgeous fabric and Washi tape from Liberty of London. I set to work and within a few minutes {possibly 10!} I had a happy collage of a silver sailboat with liberty print sails. That's an image that's been living in my head for a long time and it was so exciting to see it realized. Thanks Diana!

And that's the epic story of my serendipitous collage. I started out on a familiar course, sailed into uncharted waters, and ended up in a happy harbor. Thanks Kristin & EVA at Paint Party Friday!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

{Summer Moonset}

Painting is an adventure that wanders down unexpected paths. I finished the painting I was working on this week, originally titled Sea of Words, but somewhere along the way it transformed into Summer Moonset! Last month we took a long road trip to Texas and as twilight began to fall a gorgeous moon appeared and began to slide below the horizon, a moonset. That image stayed in my mind and as I began to paint the background on my canvas I simply knew that I had to add a huge sliver-leafed moon to it. Sea of Words is still floating around in my brain, but evidently that's a painting for another day. 

This the 2nd layer of the painting that began with old book pages and cheesecloth inspired by my Monday Moods theme of Sea of Words. I found the book about sailing and the old typewriter book during the 400 mile yard sale earlier in June. That was an adventure in itself! Instead of plain white gesso, I decided to use Matisse Background Colors in Winter Blue and Antique Blue.

The next layer began with a palette of Golden Acrylics: Titanium White, Ultramarine Blue, Hansa Yellow Medium, and Cadmium Red Hue. The yellow and red mixed with white and a bit of Acrylic Glazing Medium created a dreamy orange undercoat that I topped with Ultramarine Blue mixed with Titanium White. Those last two colors also created beautiful tints for the waves. To add a bit of glimmer, I spritzed the painting with Heidi Swapp Color Shine in Teal and Peach and was surprised and delighted by the resulting spatters! Titanium White paint tapped along the curves of the cheesecloth created foamy waves.

And then my favorite element, the huge silver-leafed moon! I used a plate to trace a circle onto a piece of kraft card stock, layered on some Golden Regular Gel Semi-Gloss, and after a minute or so applied some silver leaf. The process required several layers and I deliberately left some spots bare for more texture. I wanted a reflection of the moon in the waves, so I trimmed a piece off the bottom and used the Gel Medium to attach both pieces. Creating this mixed-media painting was so exciting because I just splashed and spritzed and snipped and pasted and enjoyed the process!

I created this painting as an entry in the Blick Spirit of Summer Window Show in Evansville, IN, and I'm happy to announce that my entry was accepted! The show begins June 30th with an opening reception and runs through July 7th.  I can't wait to see all the other entries! 

Monday, June 17, 2013

{Monday Moods} Sea of Words


Seawashed blues, silver stars, old books, a page from an atlas, and even my new coasters from Anthropologie found their way in to the Sea of Words vignette I created for my very first Monday Moods post at SerendipityVintage Studio. A mood board is a wonderful to begin a project or to record the elements that inspired a particular piece of art. A mood board doesn't have to hang on the wall. It can simply be a curated collection of items like the ones shown above.

I'm working on a mixed-media collage painting this week titled Sea of Words, and these glittery silver stars will play a role in a spangled nighttime sky. The larger star is a vintage cookie cutter, and I'm envisioning filling in the outline it will create with larger-than-life silver-leafed stars. But you never know what will happen on the journey to a finished painting!

Here's a glimpse of the first layer of the painting. I used pages from a book about sailing and an old typing textbook. I layered on cheesecloth to create texture and movement for the waves. The canvas is 16 X 20 which is the largest painting I've ever attempted! The process is sheer experimental bliss as I sail along trying new techniques and fusing together my favorite vintage and new elements.

I'll share new layers as I go along as well more projects inspired by this week's mood board. In the meantime: make art, be happy!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

{Fauxlaroids & PAGES}

Are you wondering what in the world is a fauxlaroid? That's my moniker for retro-style photos that I created to look like old school Polaroid pictures! And it's also the name of my very first published article in PAGES magazine. Cloth Paper Scissors PAGES, Volume 3 is available here, and at newsstands everywhere.

I have to admit I was inwardly squealing with delight when I snagged my copy of the magazine at my local Barnes & Noble! I wanted to hold up the pages with my article and run around the store showing it to everyone there! I managed to restrain myself, but I had to share it here on my blog! This is a dream come true for me, and I want to send out a huge thanks to everyone at Cloth Paper Scissors and PAGES for sharing my work, I hope you'll grab a copy soon because it's packed with amazing handmade books and loads of inspiration!