Sunday, August 5, 2012

{Sketchbook Sunday} Retro Blooms

Cut, paste, scribble, paint: I loved it kindergarten, and I still love it decades later! A quiet Sunday afternoon is the perfect time to play in my sketchbook, and today I was inspired by the retro fabric pictured above. The mod-vintage color palette is so fresh and trendy right now, and I love the bright blues paired with a muted olive green.

This is the sketchbook I've been using for the phenomenal Paint & Pages class I raved about in this post. I've often pondered the difference between a sketchbook and an art journal, and I've concluded that for me a sketchbook is a place to quickly record those fleeting ideas that are so easily lost in the noise of everyday life. I find that my art journals are more about experimenting with those ideas and trying out various media and techniques. I love the freewheeling vibe of scribbling my ideas on paper, using washi tape to stash in inspirational photos, writing down quotes I want to remember, and creating color palettes to try. A sketchbook is portable, requires nothing more than a pencil, and is endlessly versatile. Sketchbooks are magical!

These watercolored blooms may look like the work of a  kindergartener, but I'm ridiculously proud of them! For so long I've lamented the fact that I can't draw, but my sketchbook work in Pages & Paint is changing all that. I felt so genuinely inspired by Sarah's words to our class that "it doesn't have to be perfect"  and so uplifted by the generous, supportive community of my fellow students, that I decided to just go for it and toss the results out there for the world to see! After all, I'm always telling my daughter that she can do anything if she simply tries. I have absolute faith in her, but I need to develop that same belief in myself. Anyway, I'll be sharing a peek into my sketchbook now and then, and I hope I'll just get better and better. If not, I'll have lots of fun along the way, and I hope you'll find something here that inspires you to dive right into one of your dreams! A heartfelt thanks to Sarah Ahearn Bellemare, Michelle Madden Smith, and to all those who joined me on this amazing journey to creative freedom.


  1. KIM!! Your flowers are beautiful - your participation in this class is truly making you bloom!!

  2. Loving your pages, Kimberly!
    So beautiful and unique!
    Going to check out your link to Paint & Pages.

    Have a great week!

  3. who told you that you couldn't draw?!!
    your flowers have great shape! they look terrific! love your inspiration fabric too!

  4. thank you so much! i LOVE that you enjoyed the class, you were just a wonderful, bright spot in the group and i thank you for all of your hard work. i’m so happy to read that you found the magic of sketchbooks AND that you are just making and playing and having fun... the above spread is GORGEOUS! those blues are just so yummy and you are a “drawer”!!! :)
    thanks again for your sweetness and i hope to see you in pp 2!
    happy creating... xo *s

  5. Kim, Your flowers are beautiful! I love the idea of putting the picture on the one side and the drawing on the other. Think I need to do that with my gate sketch. Look forward to seeing how your sketching progresses.