Monday, August 27, 2012

{Inspiration Board} Aquamarine + Kraft + Red

I love the colors of the sea...aqua, jade ,turquoise, emerald, and blue-greens of every hue, shade, tint, or tone.  I love to pair these colors with kraft and a splash of red. This aquamarine mood board is a melange of all my favorite things, or several of them anyway!

I found the "book" and "cake" flashcards at one of my favorite stores, Hodgepodge, in Clarksville, TN. Kimberly Santiago, the author of Collage Playground, has a little nook there called Creative Corner. She stocks it with parcels of vintage ephemera, art supplies, project kits, and bits and pieces of all kinds. It's tiny, but packed with artful goodness!

I snagged a few of these survey maps for collage and bookbinding!
So many elements of this inspiration board have special meaning for me. The FRAGILE box and the labels belonged to my great-grandparents. I made the map garland from a tattered antique store find, and the board itself is the handwork of my sweet husband!
I found the rusty key at Candlelight Antiques in Elkmont, AL and the little packet of Oregon Coast photos at a tiny store in southern Indiana whose name escapes me! I loved the rusty patina of the old key, and the "50" tag serves to remind me of a goal I want to reach before I enter that decade of my life. I am completely smitten with the Oregon coast, so these little photos are a lovely reminder of the blissful time my family spent on that gorgeous shore last fall.
Maps, vintage sheet music, collaged tags, vintage sewing pattern paper, vintage cabinet card frames, book paper, images of shells from an old book, kraft paper, birds, bling, shipping tags, a handwritten note, an old star-shaped cookie cutter, flashcards...I crammed this board full of inspiring, meaningful, and beautiful-to-my-eye goodness! I made this board as a homework assignment for the amazing Pages& Paint online workshop I took earlier this summer, and it's sparked many ideas for my artwork and given me great pleasure. I hope you've enjoyed my little tour of the ideas and objects behind this board as much as I've enjoyed sharing it with you! Make art, be happy!


  1. well, looky there! you mentioned my shop in your post! not sure what made me log in and check-up on my "blogs i follow" list, but so glad i did! great post! i love, love the aqua, red and kraft inspiration board! i'll be sure to send kimberly over to take a look at this post. have a great week!
    fondly, paige

  2. Your board is lovely as is the rest of the beautiful space that it resides in!!

  3. Kimberly,
    So much inspiration in one blog post! Wow! Love your aqua and red inspiration board!!
    And I your Hodgepodge shop feature!!
    I really want some of those amazing survey maps!!

  4. thanks for the inspiration, i love that color combo too!

  5. great inspiration board!

    so happy you stopped by for a visit! girl I've been so busy this summer I haven't even found the time to blog! i really miss visiting with my friends though!

    see ya soon!


  6. This board is so inspiring and cool.It's decorated in a gorgeous way and the colors are so beautiful and soothing!it's such a wonderful idea and I love that you crammed such wonderful things that mean something to you there! Every room and person should have their own inspiration board!

    Love tour blog, by the way!