Monday, April 30, 2012

{vintage artist's easel}

We spent most of our recent spring break trip to sunny Florida lounging, reading, eating, and staring at the beautiful waves. Frankly, we were beach bums, and it was bliss! I did venture out once or twice though, and one of my excursions led me to Bienvenue Antiques in Destin. I wandered through the store, circling the aisles aimlessly, admiring all the treasures. Suddenly, the irresistible glint of metal caught my eye! Drawn like a magpie to a shiny object, I cleared away the {beautiful} clutter to reveal this fabulous vintage art easel! I swiftly carried it to the checkout counter, where the owner told me she had found several of these at an auction, and I had snagged the only one remaining! I happily handed over the cash, loaded it up in my vehicle, and now this beauty resides in my studio awaiting my next creation. It's perfect for setting up pretty vignettes, and if you tune in Wednesday, you'll see it displaying my latest project! 


  1. LOVE this - can't wait to see it adorned with your latest project!

  2. What an amazing find, Kimberly!!
    Can't wait to see what you do with it on Wednesday!
    I'm staying tuned! :)

  3. very cool! will look forward to wednesday.

  4. I love a great vintage find! I visited Destin [all the way from the UK] about 7 years ago but never discovered this store. Well done! x