Monday, March 19, 2012

{Waxed Linen Thread}

A collection of art supplies is as a good as a painting to me! I love to see my favorite tools or materials grouped together in a rainbow of colors. I recently found a wonderful supplier for waxed linen thread called Royalwood, Ltd. so I ordered several shades. I couldn't resist sharing a picture of them gathered in a colorful circle! The thread is available in 2, 3, 4, 7, and even 12-ply! That gorgeous deep red on the upper left side is destined for a bookbinding project that I'm working on right now. Just thought I would share this great resource with you! And while I'm at it, another favorite source for waxed linen thread {and many other bookbinding essentials!} is Volcano Arts. That's where I purchased one of my best tools ever the Japanese Screw Punch! Happy shopping!


  1. sigh. . . LOOK at all the beautiful waxed linen thread!! I only have two colors - You are so coolio with your rainbow of thread!

  2. Gorgeous, colorful threads!
    I love to do book arts, too, so will definitely have to look into Volcano Arts website!!

  3. Kim, Oh, my! What lovely colors. I think I need to order some of those!