Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tripod Lamp Surprise!

I stumbled past my dining room this morning, still sleepy and barely awake, and did a double take when I spied this gorgeous tripod lamp, that had apparently appeared out of nowhere, standing in front of the windows!

I stared at it for a few moments, blinking in surprise, and then my confusion cleared, and I realized that this could only be the handiwork of my sweet husband! I had pointed out a floor lamp similar to this when we visited The Vintage Marketplace {home of the rusty metal locker!} but never dreamed that I would magically find one in my house! After lots of squeals of delight and heartfelt thanks on my part, Randy confirmed that he had indeed created this amazing bit of industrial chic lighting. The tripod belonged to a dear friend who owns a surveying business. This was the first  tripod he had purchased for his business many years ago, and he generously donated it for this project. A wonderful gift and a very happy way to begin the day!


  1. you go Randy!! how cool is that?!!!
    love it!

  2. Super cool!!
    Randy is showing up all the other husbands with his thoughtfulness these days- he better start watching his back!! hee hee

  3. So sweet, and what a great display of his artistic ability.
    Not even a holiday..How lucky you both are, or should I say "blessed".

  4. That is an amazing lamp!
    Your husband is a sweetheart surprising you like this!

  5. That lamp rocks! I have a handy man too....hmm, I need to start pointing stuff out to him.