Thursday, February 23, 2012

Poetry Journal & Project Notebook

What to do with a tattered and worn poetry book? Create a handmade journal of course! This journal is destined for a friend who is a poet. I envision her using it to capture those little snippets of ideas that are so elusive when you try to recall them later. I hope she will fill it with her beautiful poems, photos and pictures, quotes to inspire her, or whatever her heart desires. I'm just beginning this project, so I'm recording all the details of the creation process in a project notebook. I just started doing this, and it is already proving to be such a valuable resource! 

In the notebook, I jot down information about measurements, materials used, bumps in the road, and what I will do differently the next time I create a similar project.

I like to include little snippets of the papers I used, and later I will be sure to record where I found them!

When I threw open the curtains for better light while taking photos, I discovered this sweet little set of initials that I hadn't noticed before inscribed on the front cover of the book. I love all the little scribbles, notes, and drawings in the margins that I discover in old books, and the patina that only time can lend to the covers and pages. I hope my friend likes this journal and uses it, but that will just be icing on the cake! I've already found my joy in the making of it.


  1. What a great idea!
    Beautiful photos.
    Those initials are especially endearing.♥


    1. Thanks Mary! So sweet to think about a love struck girl writing that on the front of the book! In my imagination anyway!