Monday, September 26, 2011

Aunt {iques}

In my mind, a rainy Saturday lends itself best to either snuggling up with a good book or hunting for vintage treasures at an antique store. I had plans for the former, but when my sweet Aunt Marie asked me to go antiquing with her this past Saturday, I happily tossed my book aside and we hit the road! Our destination was the Princeton Antique Mall in Princeton, Indiana: 3 floors of fabulous finds.

I didn't buy this amazing herb cabinet...

or these cameras...

or this store display case...but I really, really wanted to bring them home with me!

I was intrigued and a bit mystified by this piece. There were lots of little glass lenses in the top drawer. Is it an optician's cabinet perhaps? If you know...please tell me!

I deeply regret leaving this beauty behind...

and I want to turn this floor of the antique mall into a loft apartment and live there basking in the incredible light spilling from that wall of windows. Bliss!

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  1. Your title made me smile!!
    What a cool place to visit!! LOVE that cabinet too - could you imagine all the goodies you could store in those drawers??!!