Monday, May 9, 2011

Lavender & Roses

Say hello to the newest addition to our garden: a pink Scepter'd Isle David Austin rose! Isn't she gorgeous?

This is my idea of the perfect rose. Deliciously fragrant, lots of ruffly petals, and brimming with old fashioned charm.

We've never grown roses before, but these lovely blooms were simply irresistible!

We were actually just in the market for some herbs at the annual Newburgh Country Store Herb Festival & Plant Sale. We attend every year and purchase culinary herbs for the clay pots on our patio and these {along with 2 hanging baskets of annuals} comprise our entire garden!
For a couple of seasons now we've included lavender in our mini garden. I love the color and most of all the spicy fragrance! I like to clip off a sprig, let it dry a bit and then tuck it into my tote bag or even in a book for an unexpected whiff of perfume.
This is definintely gardening on a micro scale, but it fits with our busy lives, and the fresh herbs add amazing flavor to all our dishes. We grow rosemary, cilantro, sage, tarragon, thyme, and 2 kinds of basil. Yum!
How does your garden grow?


  1. Those roses are lovely, Kim!! Mom grows fresh herbs too to put in her delicious concoctions - I find that I have the most success in growing dandelions! (Don't people eat the greens?)

  2. that rose is gorgeous! love that shape!

  3. You will love that rose! I've always been happy with David Austins! And lavender...mmm! I'm SO wishing it was warmer here already!

  4. Those rose pictures are beautiful. Love your mini garden! I've ordered five more lavender plants to add to my garden - one type is for cooking and baking - Melissa - can't wait to try that.