Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vintage Gluebook Pages

Week one of Artful Pages is now complete and my head is spinning with ideas and information about gluebooks, collage, and the fundamentals of good design! This is one of the pages I created using the gorgeous background image shared by Mary Green in this post. {Don't forget the 20% discount ends February 28th!}

Once again, I tossed my supplies in a tote bag and headed for Barnes and Noble where I set up shop at a table and got to work! That's the beauty of the vintage gluebook. You only need gluestick, sharp scissors, pretty papers, and a book of some sort to start creating! I chose a blank Moleskine as the foundation for my gluebook. 

A serendipitous mistake led to the creation of these lovely stickers. I wanted to print out some of Mary's vintage images to use in my gluebook, and I accidentally grabbed a sheet of labels instead of cardstock!

I loved the stickers so much that I made more and they were perfect for creating page backgrounds, picture mats, and as little accents here and there. So easy to use too - just peel and stick!

I used a couple of discarded book jackets for the main elements of both my pages. I loved the artwork, and I thought it would be fun to include the book summary and a picture of the author. I'll be searching for more of these at the library sale table, used book stores, and rummage sales!

Quick Tip: If you want to tear the edges of your paper but still keep a fairly straight edge, simply fold the paper first then tear it. You'll have much more control over the end result.

The second part of the 4 week online class began today. Hope Wallace Karney is sharing Musings on Paper, an art journaling workshop. The photo above is a montage of some the class preparations she shared on her blog Besottment by Paper Relics.
Today was all about facing the blank page, definitely a common challenge for everyone.
I'll share my pages from this class when they are finished. If you want to join the fun just click on the Artful Pages image in the sidebar or visit here for more information. Have a very artful day!


  1. SO COOL!! what an amazing happy accident!!!!!!!

  2. Very fun - you are definitely in your element here!!

  3. Your pages are wonderful! I have bought a couple old books to use the pages. Love how yours looks done in collage!

  4. Your gluebook is fantastic! I'm new to your blog, so you may already know this...there's a really great Yahoo Group that's all about gluebooks.

  5. Great idea with the labels! I love what you have created so far! Awesome!

  6. You are so creative. Love what you did here!