Friday, February 11, 2011

Vintage Glass Glitter

Sparkle is my middle name {in my mind anyway!} so I love working with vintage glass glitter! I've posted several projects featuring it here on the blog, and it's one of the first supplies I reach for when I'm crafting. The intense sparkle, the way it oxides over time lending a lovely vintage patina, and the silvery shimmer make it simply irresistible!
Here are some tips for working with this magical product:


Just about any adhesive will work with glass glitter but here are my favorites:
Glass-Tac Clear
Glossy Accents
UHU Glue Stick
Glue Arts Extreme Adhesive Squares

Glass-Tac is specifically formulated to work with glitter. It has a thin, glaze like consistency that's easy to spread, and because it's white it's easy to make sure that you have covered all surfaces. The end result is more opaque than if you use a clear glue.

Glossy Accents is another good choice for glitter. Because it's clear, the finish will be a bit more transparent. Be sure to spread a thin, even coat for the best results.

UHU is my favorite brand of glue stick because it's fairly dry and won't cause paper or chipboard to buckle. Be careful to avoid clumps and make sure you've covered the entire surface. UHU comes in a purple color that dries to a clear finish and is a bit easier to see. It's great for running around the edges of cardstock or paper and then dipping in glitter to create a sparkly border.

Scor-Tape is perfect if you want to create crisp straight lines. It's a super sticky double sided tape available in four sizes as well as 6 x 6 or 8 1/2 x 11 sheets that can be die cut and then glittered.

Glittered items can be a bit heavy, so a super strong adhesive is a good idea. I love Glue Arts Exteme Adhesive Squares Minis for attaching small things like chipboard letters, and the larger half inch squares for bigger pieces.

The easiest way to store glass glitter is in a plastic container with a snap on lid or in a zip top bag. Both of these options allow you to simply drop the item to be glittered in the container, shake it until thoroughly covered, and then tap off the excess. You may want to use a small soft paintbrush to dust off any stray particles of glitter.

Small salt shakers, sugar shakers, or clear jars are great ways to store and display glitter and they look pretty too! A little shaker of glass glitter with a ribbon and a tag makes a wonderful gift for a crafty friend.

Useful Tips:

Dusting your hands with baby powder before using glass glitter helps keep it from sticking to your hands.

Wax paper is a great surface to work on when glittering. It allows you to add adhesive to items and spread glittered pieces out to dry without sticking. Clean up is easy too! Just crumple up the used waxed paper and toss in the trash.

Even ultrafine glass glitter is sharp and can cause tiny cuts. Use caution when working with the glitter and don't allow young children to use it.

A pair of tweezers comes in handy for holding pieces while you glitter them or placing them on your project.

Glass glitter comes in a tremendous range of colors and grits. The ultrafine{100 grit} is my favorite for most projects, but the 90 grit is a little chunkier and adds more texture and maybe even a little more sparkle.

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  1. glitter makes me soooo very happy!!! great tips!

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  3. I love how you display your glitter! I checked the link for buying glass glitter, now I must have some! It's just beautiful! Thanks so much for following my blog! I'm now hooked on yours! :)

  4. Great tips for the glitter i love to work with glitter too but never get enough time to craft lately lol ... inspiring thank you
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