Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Creative Therapy

I don't know about you, but the winter blues have had me in some definite need of creative therapy! Piles of ribbon, stacks of paper, and enough craft supplies to stock a store are tumbling off the table in my studio, but my make-it mojo seemed to have fled out the window! Until I stumbled across this post on Julie Balzer's amazingly colorful blog.{thanks Michelle!}
I decided to join Julie's Art Journal Every Day project and yesterday I created the upcycled book vase/art journal shown above. I'm not sure if it's funky or just junky, but I had so much fun putting it together!

I started with a tattered book that I found called The Countryside Companion. It's filled with lots of great pictures of birds and trees, and other countryside findings.

I used 7 vellum envelopes for the vase. {mini tutorial on this tomorrow!}

Paper flower made from old book page, vintage glass glitter, a scrap of tulle, and a pipe cleaner. Oh! And a very sparkly button!

I decided to make some tags to fill the pockets {when they're not on vase duty!} I grabbed some shipping tags, materials from my ribbon pocket mood board, and my latest obsession: Happy Tape!

Happy Tape is sticky strips of Japanese washi paper and so fun and easy to use! I ordered the Gathering Birds 3 pack on the left, and the Natural 5 pack pictured on the right. My new mission in life is to collect every pattern and color!

Four happy little tags...

Three happy little tags...

and one last glimpse of a very happy art journal!
Now I'm off to play with paint and paper! I wish you lots of happy crafting every day!


  1. I love these kind of books! Yours is lovely.


  2. love your book paper flower! looks like a fun project.

  3. Kim - OH KIM!! This is the most beautiful thing I've seen in the longest time!!! WOW! I cannot wait for your tutorial tomorrow and I feel that collecting Happy Tape is a very rewarding goal!! LOVE LOVE your new background and banner too!!

  4. This is so wonderful!!! I think your flower is lovely- and those tags- THOSE TAGS!!!!! Be still my heart! :) I have yet to get any washi tape- and not sure how I've resisted- you are certainly a bad influence on that front! :D
    I have plans for my 7 gypsies.... need.more.hours.....!
    (love the new blog look too!)

  5. Sounds like a perfect project for a winter's day! It looks fabulous. ::Jill

  6. Kim,

    Love those Happy Tapes. Had not seen those, perhaps we need to get some!
    Your book vase is inspiring. I got caught up searching through several blogs. Now back to reality and retail.......thanks for break!

  7. Beautiful project !!
    Those tags are awesome !!

  8. First your email does not work.
    Here is the message I tried to send
    Despite many attempts I am unable to post the widget for Art journaling Every Day to my blog. Did you have a problem? How did you do it?

  9. Hi Monica! Thanks for letting me know about my email. I will check it out to make sure it is working. To post the Art Journaling widget you need to save the picture to your computer, then go to add a gadget in blogger. Select the Picture option and include a link to the art journaling every day section of Julie's blog. Please let me know if you have any problems and I'll try to help