Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Vintage Vignettes

Laundry is calling, stacks of paperwork are tottering on my desk, dust bunnies are multiplying as we speak, so naturally I decided to forget all that and do a mini photo shoot instead! I love to incorporate vintage finds into my home, and this metal recipe box is my latest treasure.

Look! Each little book opens up and swivels forward revealing a hidden cache for recipes!
I found this during a late-night-couldn't-sleep-couldn't-read-but-must-be-distracted ebay frenzy! Just type in a search for vintage metal and see what irresistible goodies pop up for you.

Like these vintage flower frogs...

and of course there are books...

lots of books!

A green glass cake plate and a lovely tray...

and milk glass everywhere!

There's lots more to share, but even a professional procrastinator like me has to get to work sooner or later!
Hmm..maybe later would be best...


  1. i like the books and the frogs! and i don't about any late night shopping! not me! nuh-uhn!

  2. I've bought some weird things on ebay at 3 a.m before! I try to avoid it if possible!

  3. Love your pics!!! And can TOTALLY relate to that procrastination!!!! :D