Friday, October 29, 2010

May Arts Ribbon Pocket Mood Board Tutorial

Like a bird feathering its nest, I gather bits and pieces of shiny objects for my artwork wherever I go. It's easy to forget what I've collected along the way, so a mood board is the perfect way to gather items for visual inspiration. A mood board can be based around a theme, a color scheme, a project, or whatever makes your creative juices flow. I created this quick and easy mood board to stash some of my favorite bird, nest, and egg elements. You can read the full tutorial on the May Arts Blog, or click here for a printable PDF of the entire project. Have fun creating your own mood board! 


  1. Two fabulous posts in one day- I really love the linen ribbon pockets!

  2. YUM!! that collection from 7 gypsies is so on my 'need' list!! :)

  3. Good morning, Kimberly! So glad I found your lovely blog this morning! Love the idea for a mood board...I SO need to do this!

    I'll be following along...Hope your weekend is wonderful!


  4. Definitely creative and out of the box. Thanks for sharing this wonderful creation.