Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Findings: Creme Coffee House

Today's finding is a local gem: the Creme Coffee House in Owensboro KY.
I discovered it by accident when I was googling tea shops in the area. Of course I had to investigate it because I love coffee as much as I love tea, and that's a lot!

The coffee is magically delicious (to steal my daughter's favorite phrase for something yummy!) I slurped down a mocha chiller the first time I stopped in, and on subsequent visits I've had various scrumptious hot drinks festooned with "whip" a thick, creamy, addicting cool whip-like topping. I always ask for extra topping!

The coffee is wonderful, but I'm equally smitten by the funky, colorful interior of the shop!

Love the curvy vintage sofa, the artwork, and especially the walls with exposed brick and layers of plaster.

A fabulous fireplace and chandlier!

The menu includes sandwiches, decadent cookies, cakes, and muffins, and other treats. One item I can't wait to try is  frozen hot chocolate a la the famed Serendipity 3 in New York City. Next time I visit Creme, I'll be sure to order one, with extra whip of course!


  1. I feel a road trip coming on. There used to be a place around here like that where you could go and read books.....a book store as well as a coffee shop. Love it.

  2. I've been there before - I need to go with you, Kim!! BTW - LOVE your new font!!

  3. Their chili is really good too.