Monday, August 9, 2010

Nest Bookmark

What you can make when you only have a few minutes to spare? A nest bookmark of course! While cleaning up my studio this afternoon, I was distracted by all the supplies I was trying to organize. I simply had to make something, anything really, so I decided to take a little break and put together a quick project. Here's how to make one:
  1. Colorize a basic shipping tag with Broken China & Antique Linen Distress Inks. Don't forget the string!
  2. Glue a piece of patterned paper to the bottom half of the tag, and swipe with the distress inks.
  3. Add a little piece of Dresden foil or other trim along the top of the patterned paper.
  4. Tear a piece of cream cardstock into a rectangle. Distress with Antique Linen ink pad.
  5. Stamp a nest or other image onto cream cardstock. Glue to the middle of the shipping tag.
  6. Color the image with Copic Markers or your favorite markers or pencils.
  7. Stick the bookmark in your current book, start reading, and forget about organizing and cleaning!
Oops! You might want to skip step #7! No wonder my workspace is always a wreck!


  1. LOVE how your bookmark matches your blog!! Now that you have something to mark your page you can get back to reading instead of tidying up your crafting space! hee hee

  2. love your tips! i agree with 7, get to reading!! who wants to organize?!