Friday, April 9, 2010

Booth #77 @ the Owensboro Antique Mall

Here's a picture of my new booth at the Owensboro Antique Mall. I've loaded in the bigger pieces, and now I am working on packaging all the yummy, artsy goodies that will add sparkle and pizazz!

Notice the magazine spinner on the table? It's full of lots of Romantic Homes magazines, including the latest issues, for only $2 each! I have nearly every issue of Romantic Homes ever printed, even way back when it was called Victorian Sampler! It's pages are always brimming over with gorgeous photos and inspiration for home decor, crafts, gardening, and vintage treasures. I hope to bring a bit of its essence to my booth for you to enjoy! If you can bear to cut them up, these magazines are perfect for mixed media and collage projects, and for art journals too.


  1. Forgot about your booth! We were over there last weekend, too. Oh well, now I have an excuse to go back!! It looks cute, but then I knew it would. Sure miss seeing you!

  2. Kimmay - it is super cute! Kim does a great job with everything, huh?