Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bermuda Triangle, Moleskines, & Glitter!

I'm sort of like the Bermuda Triangle when it comes to office and crafting supplies! I can pick up a pair of scissors, make a few snips, lay them down, and poof! They disappear, never to be seen again. Pens and markers vanish into the ether, and tape goes missing with alarming frequency when I am near. But for some reason, I can usually keep track of my moleskine notebooks. Is it their compact size, or the fact that they fit perfectly into my pocket? It's a mystery, but I'm glad they stick around. These small  wonders are perfect for jotting down random thoughts, making sketches and lists, or recording incoherent ramblings at 3 a.m. that might hold some crucial kernel of inspiration. I usually purchase moleskines at Barnes & Noble, but lo and behold, I came across this tutorial from Michelle Wooderson of Mish Mash fame, who stitches her own cute little sketch books! I'm a little bit afraid of my sewing machine, so I may never actually make my own, but I love the idea! However, I don't fear my other crafting supplies (when I can locate them)  so I use them liberally to embellish my moleskines, and make them uniquely my own.

Remember the vintage glass glitter I discovered during my serendipitous crafting hunt? I bedazzled a little belt for this adorable dress using only the glitter and Scor-Tape. Magic! A shipping tag, stickers from the Antique Cream Narratives collection, paper from the Bella Bella Flea Market line by My Mind's Eye, and an adorable pair of stamps by Art Impressions complete the ensemble. For now, my precious notebook is safely ensconced in my bedside table, but if you ever visit the Bermuda Triangle, you may just find it there!


  1. that skirt is so cute! love the bella bella print.

  2. I love your Bermuda Triangle analogy! I have one of those too. Follows me all around the house! Do you remember where your glass glitter came from? If it's ours I'd like to put a link up on our Facebook page. Sparkle on!

  3. Thanks GlitterEmm! I adore Art Institue Glitter, and sprinkle anything that will stand still with your Crystal Ultrafine Transparent glitter! This particular vintage glass glitter came from another source, but thanks so much for your kind words!