Friday, March 26, 2010

Serendipitous Crafting {aka crafting with what you have}

Last Saturday I found myself with a free afternoon and a burning desire to craft, but no crafting supplies in sight! I recently relocated my business, and just about everything is still in boxes. But a girl in the grip of a papercrafting frenzy will not be stopped! I scrounged around my house and to my delight found lots of goodies stashed here and there. A few ink pads, some glitter, adhesives, and a forgotten cache of rubberstamps - what riches! Throw in a jumble of vintage bits and pieces and I was ready to roll. It was fun to be creating again, and surprisingly freeing to have a somewhat limited selection.

I decided to make a little mini book using library pockets and cards. I call this concotion a Honeycomb Memory Keeper, because when you pull the cards open, they look like the cells of a honeycomb. These handy little pockets are perfect for housing old photos, postcards, tags, ephemera, and all the other flotsam & jetsam that I love to gather. Or use the pockets to create a scrapbook using personal snapshots, journalling, and memorabilia. The Antique Memories stamp I used is from one of my favorite stores in the whole wide world, Red Lead. This place is mixed-media heaven! It's small, but absolutely brimming with artsy crafty goodness and tons of gorgeous samples! The Scrapbook stamp is from the Creativity Clear Stamp Set by Anna Griffin. HSN lured me in with an entire hour devoted to Anna, and I had to bite!
I didn't have any punches to use for this project, but I found little hand stamped manilla circles tossed in with a bag of antique store junque! I just turned one over, stamped it with "antique memories" and that's all she wrote! Funny how inventive you can be when you are crafting serendipitously!
Wait a minute, didn't I mention glitter among my finds? Yes I did! But I used it for another project that I'll post about another day. In the meantime, enjoy crafting with what you have!


  1. very cute project! isn't it wonderful to find fun things to play with?!

  2. I am so happy you found some time to craft! It has been too long! - If you make things this amazing when you have limited supplies - jsut think of what will be happening once you unpack!! WHOO HOO!

  3. Kim, too stinkin' cute! Miss you!!